Celebrating The 45th Anniversary of The Iconic Rocky Film

It’s been a mind-blowing 45 years since the launch of one of the most iconic sports dramas in history. It catapulted then hardly known actor Sylvester Stallone’s career into Hollywood. Although many people will remember that monumental training montage, Rocky (1976) is so much more than that. It tells a story of an ordinary working-class

Zach Galifianakis Pays Rent For An Elderly Lady

Zach Galifianakis saved the laundry woman from homelessness by setting her up in an apartment and pays for her rent and her utilities. Along with all of this he took her to the premiere of “The Hangover Part II” in a limo! Elizabeth Haist or Mimi could never imagine herself walking down the red carpet

Scientists Have Built Microscopic Robots That Can Reproduce

An expert team of scientists from the University of Vermont (UVM) have discovered a groundbreaking form of reproduction for computer-designed organisms (CDOs). In this process, robots ingest single-cell organisms and reproduce mini-robots that both look and move like them, according to a university press release. Last year ‘xenobots’ were released to the world, a whole

18-Year-Old Raised £40,000 For Random Acts of Kindness

Sebbie Hall, an 18-year-old from Lichfield, UK raised thousands of pounds by carrying out random acts of kindness. He started during lockdown, he only wanted to raise £1000 with 100 acts of kindness but it’s been going on for over a year and has raised over £40,000. Sebbie has a very rare chromosome anomaly that

Jumanji 4 Featuring The Rock and Kevin Hart Landing Sooner Than Expected

Jumanji 4 is reportedly underway regardless of the lead actors’ incredibly hectic schedule. The production timeline of the hit franchise has apparently been set, to our surprise especially with Kevin Hart and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson being busy with other projects. Hiram Garcia, producer hinted that the third instalment of the newer series and fourth
Red Phone Box

Thinking Outside The Red Phone Box

As the UK’s iconic red phone boxes are slowly being decommissioned, many are being saved and given a new lease of life – their makeovers are awesome 😀 After generations of red phone boxes being a feature of the UK landscape, they have been taken over by the rise of the smartphone. Unsurprisingly, their use