Lamborghini and Crypto investor James Gale is heading to the moon…

Lamborghini recently teased Twitter users with the drop of a crypto-cryptic video that the world-famous brand is going to be launching their very own ‘NFT PRO’ collection soon but are keeping the design and functionality of the NFT under wraps for now. However, this hasn’t stopped Lamborghini fans from getting excited.

As you can see in the viral video below Koda Cryptocurrency founder, NFT and Lamborghini enthusiast James Gale is extremely excited about the Lambo NFT launch. Probably a little too excited! *see 0:57 in the video below*

Not only will it bring something unique to its holders, it clearly demonstrates to those that don’t know a lot about NFTs, that they’re much more than just a .jpeg and help them see the true potential and capability of NFT digital assets.

Koda Cryptocurrency, recently hit the news headlines due to an investor Peter Gilbert introducing a cryptocurrency bonus to his employees, using the Koda token specifically.

We know many of you may think that the world of crypto is full of criminals and dangerous projects where people lose huge amounts of money and yes, that can happen. Carrying out due diligence and researching projects is imperative to mitigate any risk of losing money.

James Gale, Koda Founder is fully aware of this and is doing everything possible to educate and demonstrate that they do not hide anything from the public, instilling trust and reliability to anyone wanting to invest.

Koda Cryptocurrency’s vision

The long term goal for Koda Cryptocurrencies is to not only be transactable cryptocurrencies where people will be able to swap for tangible goods and services as an alternative payment method (i.e. we aim to have shops and other merchants accept them as payments), but also for our systems to allow holders to earn an income without having to sell their tokens.

What about NFTs?

You have likely heard the term NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) being thrown around recently and like most, you may not have a clue about what they are, ‘it’s just a .jpeg’.

While this is true on the surface it’s the idea behind the NFT that you’re investing in, and this as well as varying rarities that influence the price.

NFTs skyrocketed in popularity in 2021; in 2020 NFT trading volume was $100m and in 2021 this increased to a mind-melting $22bn.

For more information about Koda Cryptocurrency here.

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