Herd Of Wild Horses Love To Steal Snacks On The Beach

Roaming wild horses are a frequent sighting on Assateague Island in Maryland and everyone are pretty much used to them now, with the locals anyways. Tourists on the other hand, not so much, so they easily sneak up and steal their snacks. One day David Whitney was chilling in the sun on the beach when
animals laugh

New Study Says 65 Different Species of Animals Laugh

It’s no secret that humans laugh but it’s a somewhat strange part of our evolution. It’s clear that we laugh at something funny showing friendliness or cooperation but how did it come about? Are we the only ones to do it? According to a recent study, we aren’t the only ones. UCLA professor of communication

Young Daughter Takes Mum’s Vibrating Sex Ring To School

A mother has been left ‘mortified’ after her young daughter mistook her vibrating sex ring for a kids toy and took it to school. The red-faced woman has shared her incredibly awkward conversation with another school mum after her little one GIFTED the ‘toy ring’ to a friend. The woman shared a screenshot of the