Pub To Host Girls-Only Nights To Protect Women From Spikings

You have likely seen in the news about the increase of women being spiked by injections in nightclubs across the UK. One pub will help combat this worrying surge by hosting a girls-only night. The concerning allegations have been made from all over the country and students in Scotland have organised a campaign called ‘Girls

Climate Change; Four Things The UK Could Do To Tackle It

The government is set to share their plan to reduce the UK’s carbon emissions very soon. The targets they’ve signed up to are pretty ambitious as they plan to set a strong example to other countries before the COP26 world leaders meeting in November. The government have said they’ll drastically reduce emissions by 2035 and

Video of Baby Snake Breaking Out of its Shell

A video recorded by Chester Zoo shows a baby snake emerging from its egg and eventually making it out and then exploring its environment.  The internet is full of both cute and sometimes dangerous wild animal videos. Snakes, in particular, seem to divide the community and not in just a love/hate way either. They come

More Than 50% of Adults Fail to Spot Signs of Blood Cancer

A recently conducted survey has found that 56% of adults cannot name the signs of blood cancer.  A charity warned that worryingly some of the symptoms could easily be mistaken for COVID.  The Blood Cancer UK charity stated that the lack of public knowledge of the condition is ‘extremely worrying’. It’s said that the symptoms
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This App Makes It Unsafe To Be A Woman Online

Users upload photos of fully clothed women and the app undresses them for free. With this singular feature, it has exploded as the most popular “deepfake” tool ever created raising the question is it unsafe to be a woman online? Far more advance than the other app which went viral back in 2019 this new

Massive Mystery Beast Washes up on Welsh Beach

A huge, mysterious creature measuring more than 23ft long and weighing an estimated 4 tonnes has washed up on a Welsh beach and is baffling scientists. The strange beast was discovered on Broad Haven South Beach in Pembrokeshire, Wales, last week and reported to the UK Cetacean Strandings Investigation Programme (CISP). But as the remains