Scientists Shocked By New Jupiter Images Taken With Webb Telescope

It’s no secret Jupiter has a lot going on with extreme temperatures, pressure, huge storms, and auroras. NASA’s James Webb Telescope has captured some stunning new images of the planet. Planetary astronomer Imke de Pater, professor emerita of the University of California, Berkeley said, “We hadn’t really expected it to be this good, to be

Sport England Are Giving Away Commonwealth Games Equipment

The organising committee of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, Sport England and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DMCS) have invited community organisations to apply to win equipment used at the Games. This amazing opportunity is extended to organisations that provide inclusive and accessible sports, wellbeing activities and physical activities within communities located

8 Tips On How To Keep Your Kids Cool In This Hot Weather

While the warmer weather does make most things child-related easier, you don’t have to put 10 layers on so they’re warm being one example. When it’s too hot though, it can cause tricky situations to arise, like keeping them safe in the sun and ensuring they are equipped to deal with the heat. Here are

6 Tips To Keep Your House Cool During Hot Temperatures

While summer is a time of year many of us look forward to we often forget about the heatwaves and hot sticky nights. Keep reading for our hacks to keep you home cool. It’s these high temperatures that many of us struggle with especially the elderly and babies. While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the

WATCH: Women Have Intimate Encounter With Humpback Whale

In Georgia Strait, British Colombia two boaters had a rare intimate close-up moment with a humpback whale. They managed to capture the whole thing on camera, they were treated to several slightly nerve-wracking whale behaviours. Lauren Lan, the boat owner said, “It was really very cool to just look right beside the boat and see

First-Ever Commute Has Been Completed By Jetson Flying Car

Jetson CTO has completed the ‘first-ever’ commute in a flying car with a price tag of £68,000 ($83,000). Co-found of the Swedish firm Jetson, Tomasz Patan piloted the vehicle from his home in Italy to a company building in Tuscany. The trip to the Santa Maria a Monte facility is a “momentous occasion for the