Pub To Host Girls-Only Nights To Protect Women From Spikings

You have likely seen in the news about the increase of women being spiked by injections in nightclubs across the UK. One pub will help combat this worrying surge by hosting a girls-only night. The concerning allegations have been made from all over the country and students in Scotland have organised a campaign called ‘Girls
queen's comments on ageing

The Queen’s Comments On Ageing Are Exactly We Needed To Hear

You could say the Mountbatten-Windsors are one of the most talked-about families in the world, with the Queen hitting the headline in particular. The Queen’s comments on ageing have made it this time. From her hilarious/random names for her Corgis: Candy, Brush, Vulcan, Tiny and Bisto Oxo to just name a few to her incredible

A Women Finds Folder Full Of Recordings From Her Amazon Device

She found out how to request data from her Amazon device and was shocked to find folders containing thousands of voice recordings. to @ladyisabellemae ##privacy ##fyp ##foryoupage ##amazon ##alexa ##dataprivacy ##bigtech ##bigbrother ##trending ##bigdata ##privacyrevolution ##update ♬ Spongebob – Dante9k TikToker states she “requested all the data Amazon has on me and here’s

Video; Woman Begins To Drive Over Insulate Britain Protestors

We all have mixed opinions about the “Insulate Britain” protestors blocking roads but this one mum took things into her own hands and began to drive over them in an effort to make them move. The environmental activists have staged multiple protests over recent weeks in an effort to make the government insulate all social

Climate Change; Four Things The UK Could Do To Tackle It

The government is set to share their plan to reduce the UK’s carbon emissions very soon. The targets they’ve signed up to are pretty ambitious as they plan to set a strong example to other countries before the COP26 world leaders meeting in November. The government have said they’ll drastically reduce emissions by 2035 and
News reporter shocks

Video: News Reporter Shocks Viewers At Skatepark

There’s no doubt that broadcasting on live TV must be very nerve-racking. But this news reporter shocks viewers in the US as he held his nerve and took things to a whole new level. Reporter Victor Williams from American news channel Local 4, has gone viral on Twitter after showcasing his skateboarding skills while broadcasting