Guy Took His Neighbours Request To ‘Take His Trash Bin Out’ Literally

In true Dad like fashion, a green trash bin has been on a tour of the town with a handsome man on her arm.

Carl Stanojevic aged 54 received a text from his neighbour Nick asking him to “take out my bins” to which he responded, “yeah sure no problem any particular place?”

Little did Nick know, Carl wasn’t joking… It was the wheelie bins lucky day, it first visited the local beach in Mackay, Queensland – then a surf club, then to help out with some chores which included a stop at a hardware store for a social chat. They worked up quite the hunger and stopped at several restaurants for some R&R.

“We went for a massage and then to the tattoo parlour to get a couple of extra 6s on the bin. A bit of a tattoo, then stopped at the pub for a coldie,” Stanojevic told the Guardian on Friday.

Passersby including garbage men and women stopped to take a picture of the green bin sporting her new tattoo. She stopped to make a phone call to “talk trash” as Carl recounted.

After a five hour trip around the Australian town, Stanojevic returned home with the news he had completed the favour and even sent Nick a photo album of the day’s activities, which reportedly blew him away.

Stanojevic spoke of his neighbour saying, ““We catch up for a beer when we can and have a chat and a few laughs. He’s a beautiful person. You’d do anything for him. He said take my bin out. If he had said put my bin out it would have been just a normal day in Mackay.”

He may think again when asking his neighbour to take his trash bin out in the future!

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