Twitter Page Shares Funny Behind-The-Scenes Photo’s Here’s 30 Of Our Favourite

Behind the scenes on movie and TV sets is a world that never fails to amaze us. If you working within that industry these images wouldn’t surprise you at all but for us, the viewers prepare for your jaw to drop. “Behind The Scenes Pics That Look Like Sh*tposts” is a Twitter account that shares an abundance of pics from all types of movies.

This account owned by The Viral Group takes you on a tour through Hollywood’s infamous studios and shares the most obscure unexpected images. And because you see them without context they truly do look like bad memes. I mean where else could you find Wolverine doing the Gangnam Style dance with PSY or Mel Gibson talking to a blood Jesus Christ?

They definitely create more questions than answers and that is why we love them.











Content from behind the scenes is also referred to as extra footage or documentaries titled ‘never before seen footage’ or ‘the making of’. The one thing we love about behind the scenes content is how raw it is, often still in the early stages of development if cuts back what the filmmakers want you to see and shows you how it really is.

We believe this content can help people connect with a film in a way that no fully finished movie can.

One survey by Livestream in collab with New York Magazine discovered that 87% of people would watch a video if it has behind the scenes content.





















These are just 30 of our favourites, there are 100s more to browse through! Check them out for yourself here:

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