A mesmerising video of an octopus changing colour whilst dreaming has blown up on social media. The video was posted by a Twitter user named Buitengebieden. The clip almost has 160k views and growing, it’s hard not to be captivated by this fine specimen which truly showcases mother nature in all her beauty.

It’s a time-lapse video that shows a sleeping octopus. While it’s asleep it’s changing colour to what we can believe is to match their dreams. One thing that makes this clip extra special is that it doesn’t just change colour but also, texture and size.

The video caption reads “An octopus changing colors in her sleep…

Check out the video for yourself here:

Internet users couldn’t help but stop scrolling and watch in ore commenting:

“I didn’t know octopus can make those “spike” (last part). Beautiful,”

“Wonder what she’s dreaming about,”

“How amazing is this. such an active mind during her sleep,”

Other Twitter users commented:

Even if you don’t like Octopi you’ve got to admit this colour changing octopus is freaking cool!

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