Hollywood star William Shatner has become the oldest person to ever go to space after going on the ride of his life in the Blue Origin sub-orbital capsule.

The Star Trek actor reached space at an extremely impressive age of 90 years old!

According to the live-streamed event, Shatner reached a speed of around 2,000mph and an altitude of around 350,00ft.

Overall, the trip lasted around 10 minutes and the capsule with him fell back to Earth with parachutes.

The flight dubbed ‘New Shepard NS-18 was scheduled to blast off on Tuesday (12th Oct) but due to windy weather at the launch site in Texas, it was delayed.

Shatner was joined by NASA engineer Chris Boshuizen, Blue Origin Vice President Audrey Powers and Medidata CEO Glen de Vries.

This trip has happened less than three months after Jeff Bezos made the same trip in the New Shepards rockets first-ever crewed flight.

Blue Origin has shared footage from inside the New Shepard capsule while the crew members were experiencing microgravity.

Shatner remained by the window observing the darkness of space and the Earths curvature while everyone else floats around and play with their zero-G indicators.

Would you be able to follow in the footsteps of William Shatner and fly to the edge of space?

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