Sebastian Thommen artist and actor from Cork, Ireland is giving chefs and aspiring entrepreneurs a once in a lifetime chance to win their very own food business for just £10/€12. Thommen launched ‘Toast’ a food trailer back in May 2020 and soon built up a loyal customer base who just love his grilled cheese toasties and gourmet coffee in Ballinlough Park.

Now one of his other passion, watercolour art commissions is gaining popularity he’s made the decision to raffle off his entire business.

What can you expect from purchasing a £10/€12 raffle ticket? Of course, you will be in with a chance of winning Toast’s fully restored 1960s Rice horsebox trailer, a coffee machine valued at €6,000, super quiet generators worth €3,000 and a completely HACCP approved kitchen.

Pretty much everything you need to go all out with this food business is included, from the till, printer, SumUp card payment terminal, soup kettle, iPad, water heater, sink, gas griddle, catering grade stainless steel worktops and fridges.

Not just the above you will also be given access to their social media handles and 100% compostable coffee containers.

Thommen said that running Toast has been “a positive experience” for him.

“I’ve made many new friends and it has boosted my art career to the extent that I’m thankfully now able to pursue that full-time. It’s time to pass the torch on to someone else and hopefully help them achieve their dreams and ambitions.”

Thommen has created 5,000 tickets for the raffle via Raffall and if they all sell then one lucky winner will be selected by Raffall at random, the business will then be signed over to them. This includes free delivery to anywhere in Ireland or the UK.

5% of the total will be donated to Sebastian’s chosen charity, Pieta.

Enter here to be in with a chance to win a food trailer.

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