Most of us have been wronged at some point in our lives and unless you’re an absolute saint, you’ve probably cooked up little schemes and pranks in your head to get your own back. Saying that, in the end, you’ve probably not had the courage…or broken moral compass to actually go through with them. But when it comes to revenge some people just can’t help themselves.

We’ve rounded up some of the best revenge stories to inspire you…I mean, to make you laugh!

Co-Workers Revenge

Imagine the rage you’d feel walking into this on a Monday morning.

Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Looking For Revenge

Offf! Steven! You should have kept it in your pants.

Attention! There’s A Karen In The Car Park

Who doesn’t love a bit of passive aggression now and again?

Co-workers looking for revenge are just vicious!

I must admit, this is ever so slightly inspirational! Never mind co-workers – this would definitely stop the kids from raiding mama’s snacks.

Oh No You Didn’t!

This crosses the line!

Corporate Savagery

Why does the ice-cream machine at McDonald’s never work?

For Everyone Who Does The Cooking

Her BF asked her what she wanted for Tea, she said “I didn’t know”…voila!

Neighbourly Love

Really? It must have taken more time to be that precise than to just clean the whole damn wall!

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