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11 Hilarious Social Media Posts From Parents

These last few months of the year are the most hectic for parents with Halloween; not just the day itself but also the copious amount of sweets your children devour for weeks after and of course Christmas, their lists are long and their excitement uncontrollable. The holidays are inching closer and closer so you may be feeling overwhelmed, just know you’re not alone and we hope these parents posts help put a smile on your face!

We all were at some point.

This is… different

Mama, mom, mum

They’ve got a point

Don’t have time to stress

FFS untangle!

Any volunteers?

So true!

Child genius

That’s where they’ve gone

I’m sure you can relate…



How many of these parents social media posts can you relate to? If you have any of your own feel free to drop them in the comments, we’d love to hear them!

On a more serious note, some parents may be able to afford more luxurious presents for their children this Christmas. If you’re fortunate to be in this situation then we urge you not to say “Santa brought them all for you”. Children from other families then start to think Santa doesn’t like them as much ruining their Christmas experience. Either way, we wish you all a fantastic Christmas!

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