Sebbie Hall, an 18-year-old from Lichfield, UK raised thousands of pounds by carrying out random acts of kindness.

He started during lockdown, he only wanted to raise £1000 with 100 acts of kindness but it’s been going on for over a year and has raised over £40,000.

Sebbie has a very rare chromosome anomaly that affects his learning as well as gives him physical difficulties. He finds normal day to day life skills difficult but, he has a superpower and that’s kindness.

The money raised by Mr Hall random acts of kindness has made a massive impact on his local community.

He’s funded an art hub where young people who struggle to communicate naturally can engage in music and theatre, he’s brought adopted laptops to help children with special needs communicate to overcome those barriers.

Organiser Maggie Huckfield said:

“It’s made a huge difference, it’s opened up opportunities, its opened up voices, whereas before communication was their barrier. Everyone has been a winner here and it’s an amazing project to be part of.”

Mr Hall has also funded a mixed ability rugby group that has support from coaches at Lichfield Rugby Club, as well as Will Greenwood former England and Leicester Tigers player.

“What Sebbie had done is really open to all and accessible to all at Lichfield and I am blown away that he has put my name to it, it should be the Sebbie Hall team”.

‘Stay safe, be kind and leave no one behind.’ is Sebbie’s philosophy.


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