Georgian woman is thanking her lucky stars that it was a group of strong high school football players who were close by when he needed saving.

They used their collective strength to pry open the jammed door of the lady’s totalled car, which gave them access to the badly injured driver.

The football team the teens play for is the Rome City Football team, and they were out in numbers that morning with Alto Moore, 16, Messiah Daniels, 17, Treyvon Adams, 16, Antwon Carey, 16, Tyson Brown, 17 and Cesar Parker, 16 who were all heading to school in Adams’ car or in the case of Cesar, their mom.

When speaking with CNN Adams said, “We just ran as fast we (could) to the lady and check on her to see if she was alright. We were seeing she was in pain, she was screaming and asking us to help her.”

The car was a right off and badly dented out of shape. Using their brawn more than their brains the teenagers managed to pry open the passenger door before realising it was the other door they needed to open to get to her.

Adams continued, “We used all our muscles. We’re pretty big people, we’re strong. We play football, so we lift weights a lot, but (the door) was just extremely bent and broke.”

It all happened so fast but when it was over the teens had managed to free the woman from the car and set off back to school after making sure the driver in the other car was okay.

Adams confessed that the team has been receiving a lot of recognition and love for their selfless act, which they definitely deserved.

After it was all said and done the football players admitted it was nice to receive all the positive attention but they believe it’s what anyone would’ve done.

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