6 Tips To Keep Your House Cool During Hot Temperatures

While summer is a time of year many of us look forward to we often forget about the heatwaves and hot sticky nights. Keep reading for our hacks to keep you home cool.

It’s these high temperatures that many of us struggle with especially the elderly and babies. While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the sun it’s imperative you have a place where you can cool off.

Keeping your house cool may not be as difficult as you think with these tried and tested simple hacks.

Block out the sun

Many people love letting the natural light into their homes through windows but, if you’re trying to keep your house cool it’s not optimal. Try to resist the urge and leave the blinds and curtains closed during the day.

Open windows and garden doors during the morning and at night

When temperatures are at a high in the middle of the day keep your windows closed but, during the cooler parts of the day we advise opening them. This allows air to move through your home as moving air is cooler than still air. To get this nice breeze through your home open windows at opposite ends of your home with doors open in between.

Eat outside when you can and avoid using the oven

Nobody wants to be stuck in the kitchen with the oven on when you already feel like you’re in one. Why not make a switch to BBQs, or use an electric grill outside to cook with? This will remove the unnecessary additional heat on already hot days. You could also eat meals that don’t require being cooked, like salads, sandwiches and Mezze platters.

Turn off appliances you aren’t using

Just like ovens, appliances around the house will generate unwanted heat. Try turning off kitchen appliances, your desktop computer and TV, we do mean off not on standby.

If like 1000s of others charge your phone at night in your bed you should know how much heat it gives off. Try to avoid charging them overnight especially if you are struggling to drift off.

Treat yourself to some house plant

This one may sound a little bizarre but plants act as natural air conditioners generating moisture via a process called transpiration. The most cooling plants are peace lilies and rubber plants as they both work best in humid environments.

Freeze your hot water bottle

This is a very handy tip, instead of putting boiling water into your hot water bottle just fill it up with tap water and pop it in the freezer a few hours before and place it at the bottom of your bed.

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