83-Year-Old Has Just Completed Her Third Tough Mudder

Aptly nicknamed “Muddy Mildred” she is not shy of getting down and dirty! Mildred Wilson, 83, recently completed her third Tough Mudder event last month. 

The 5k event was hosted in Missouri, US, Muddy Mildred is a resident of Sikeston and the oldest person to ever complete the testing Tough Mudder obstacle course. When speaking with KFVS 12 she said “I just enjoy them, I’ve always enjoyed competition.”

Mildred was watching her son Danny compete in the Tough Mudder event and decided not to sit on the sidelines anymore. She completed her first event in 2019 aged 80 and then her second Tough Mudder event in 2021 in tribute to her late husband Farrell who died two years after getting COVID-19 and then having a heart attack. She’s not the type of person to sit at home and mourn her loss. 

However, for this event, she wanted to raise money for a good cause. She raised nearly $3000 to help install a fresh water well in Africa. 


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She first went to the doctors to make sure she was medically able to compete in the event and from that moment she decided if she was doing it, she was doing it all. 

When speaking about the obstacle ‘Everest’ she said, “Except for the wall! I always wanted to try that wall. I realized it wasn’t a piece of cake. It took a whole village to get me up,”

She is truly an inspiration to us all and is planning on helping out her son Danny as he takes on World’s Toughest Mudder event happening in November this year.  

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