Both the UK and US office are incredibly popular amongst their fan and we’d go as far to say they almost have a cult status. Now a female focussed version is reportedly being filmed in Australia.

Rumours suggest it’s been adapted for a wide variety of markets around the world from Israel to Chile and a plethora of actors and comedians are being contacted for the series. 

The Herald Sun has said the lead role in The Office Australia will be a woman, and comedian Magda Szubanski is being considered. Jim Jefferies and Isla Fisher are also linked to the production. 

Fans have shared their thoughts of the news on Twitter and some are unsure about the involvement of Jim Jefferies. 

One tweeter said: ‘I’d heard they were gender-flipping the boss role and are looking for a female. JJ was listed on imdb years ago, but I’d be very surprised if he was going to come here, with his family being LA based for nearly a decade, and becoming a US citizen a few years ago.’

It seems that everyone isn’t on board with the new series as one user shared:

‘This seems like a really bad idea. Not the fact that Jim Jefferies is in it, but the fact they are making this series at all. The UK and US versions are pure gold. We don’t need another one.’

With the UK and US The Office winning numerous awards including Emmys and BAFTAs it’s easy to see why some people think another version isn’t needed/won’t live up to expectations. 

We have very few details of The Office Australia at the moment but we’re excited to see how it will measure up against the insanely popular early instalments. 

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