The Solution to Long-Distance Relationships? A Virtual Kissing Machine

A Virtual Kissing Machine for those in long-distance relationships, missing the physical connection with their partner can be a difficult hurdle, a group of university students in China has created a solution to long-distance relationships.

The mouth-shaped module of the 3D silicone gadget activates when it receives a kiss and transfers the movement. This includes the temperature, and pressure of the kiss to the “mouth” on the other side. The device mimics the movement, temperature, and pressure of the kiss using sensors. It also links to phones via Bluetooth and an application.

“In my university, I was in a long-distance relationship with my girlfriend so we only contact each other through phone,” said Jiang Zhongli, the lead inventor of the device. “That’s where the inspiration of this device originated.”

The Changzhou Vocational Institute of Mechatronic Technology has patented the invention. The device has a function in the app that allows users to pair up anonymously with strangers in the “kissing square”, meaning users can upload their kisses for others to download and experience.

Nevertheless, the gadget has encountered disapproval on various social media platforms. Some labeled it as “bizarre,” while others contend that it accentuates the pessimistic aspects of being in a long-distance relationship.

This isn’t the first time a device like this has been created. In 2016, The Gadget Show featured the Kissing App “Kissenger” – a sensory-stimulating technology that mimicked a real kiss. However this was through a touchpad, but similar to the latest invention.

While the virtual kissing machine may not be for everyone, for those in long-distance relationships, it could provide a way to bridge the physical gap and feel a sense of intimacy with their partner.


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Header image credits: The Gadget Show

Featured image credit: KTLA 5

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