An adorable new patient, a morepork, a little owl, was taken to the Massey Wildbase animal hospital in New Zealand for a medicated bath. He was admitted due to a mild skin infection that was causing him irritation.

Supervisor at Wildbase, Pauline Nijman said owls dislike being wet even from the rain. So you can imagine how much this little owl enjoyed his medicated bubble bath, he definitely didn’t see it as a spa treatment.

I mean, his face in the photo below says it all.

It seems that the owl’s iconic stature and appearance come from their fluffy feather as when they’re wet they look like a completely different species.

Nijman shared, “He’s a smaller kid but in lovely condition, once all the fluff is wet, they look frightfully pathetic!”

The bath consisted of Chlorhexidine to ease the infection and then a thorough rinse after. He is NOT happy!

“He did dry up rather nicely!” Nijman commented.

Once he returned to his old adorably fluffy self he returned to the aviary, where he joined other moreporks who are in rehabilitation.

When he’s back fighting fit he will be returned to the wild and it seems the medicinal bubble bath, which was quite the ordeal, was exactly what he needed.

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