African Kids Dancing To Harry Styles ‘As It Was’ Will Make Your Day

Harry Styles’ hit song ‘As It Was’ has become very popular all over the internet with 1000s of netizens sharing videos of them dancing along. But this incredible performance by a group of African kids from Uganda has to be the most adorable renditions out there. They used a drum kit made out of paint cans, a cardboard cut out of a guitar, a wooden microphone and a beautifully choreographed dance. All of these combined make for a video you can’t help but love and smile.

The children are part of a group called Masaka Kids Africana, which is an organisation that takes care of children who have lost both of their parents to famine, disease and war in Africa. They regularly post videos of their kids grooving and dancing to music and each one is enough to melt your heart.

Their video has gone viral amassing an incredible 1.2 million likes already! People just can’t get enough of their creative cuteness!

Here is some comments on their performance:


‘Happiness is free 😍’

‘I Love so much!! My boys ❤️❤️’

‘Easily— EASILY— the best thing I’ve seen all week.’

‘You guys are wonderful! They make a show’

‘This is so cute I’m crying.’

100’s of people including verified accounts are tagging Harry Styles in the comments of the African kids dancing so we do hope he sees it as we’d love to see his reaction!

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