A bag of Aldi crisps or chips with one crisp appearing phallic-shaped

Snack time just got a little cheeky with these Aldi Cheese Puffs!

Many people around the world enjoy snacking on crisps, from potato chips to cheese puffs, there is a flavour for everyone. Let’s admit, one of the joys of snacking is finding the unusual shapes in our crisps.

One woman, Georga, recently found something that left her laughing after opening a packet of Aldi Cheese Puffs. As she rummaged through the packet, she came across one crisp with a very cheeky shape – it resembled a phallus. She immediately took a photo of it and shared it on Twitter under the username @gj100l.

A bag of Aldi crisps or chips with one crisp appearing phallic-shaped
(Photo @gj100l/Twitter)











The tweet went viral!

With hundreds of thousands of people liking and retweeting the post, people couldn’t help but laugh at the phallic shape of the crisp, and many left comments of amusement. Some even shared their own stories of finding oddly-shaped crisps in their own snacks.

In a hilarious twist, Aldi UK joined in on the fun and replied to Georga’s tweet with a playful comment. They wrote,  “We’re sorry about your 2-inch Cheese Puff, Georga.” The comment subtly hinted at the phallic shape of the crisp while still maintaining a sense of humour.

The viral tweet quickly made headlines on various news websites, and it wasn’t long before it became a global sensation. People from all over the world were sharing the photo of the phallic shaped crisp and talking about it on social media.


This isn’t the first time an oddly-shaped crisp has gone viral.

Walkers announced in December that it was on the hunt for the best heart-shaped crisp, with a £100,000 prize for the winning entry. Fans have until March 20, 2023, to enter the competition.

Georga’s tweet proves that sometimes, the most unexpected things can become viral sensations. With social media platforms like Twitter, it’s easier than ever for something to go viral and capture the attention of millions of people worldwide. And who knows? Maybe this viral moment will inspire other chip brands to create their own quirky competitions.

In any case, Georga’s discovery of the phallic-shaped Aldi Cheese Puff has certainly brightened up the day for many people and provided a much-needed laugh during these challenging times. And Aldi’s playful response only added to the humour of the situation.

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