Aldi’s Hilarious Response to Customer’s X-Rated Observation on Peppa Pig Ice Cream Goes Viral

Aldi’s Hilarious Response to X-Rated Ice Cream sparks hilarious debate over whether it’s a harmless arm or something naughty.


A humorous exchange that took place on Twitter between a customer and Aldi, a budget supermarket chain.

The customer, named Keith, had noticed something a little risqué about the Peppa Pig ice creams sold in Aldi stores, and he decided to tweet about it.


He posted a photo of the ice cream, which is shaped like Peppa Pig, and noted that the design had a flaw that made it look like Peppa’s arm was in a rather unfortunate location, resembling male anatomy.

Keith wrote: “@AldiUK I was very happy to see these in your supermarket, but perhaps not as happy as Peppa is…”

Aldi’s Hilarious Response to X-Rated Ice Cream

Aldi’s official UK Twitter account saw the tweet and responded with a witty comeback. They retweeted the post and added: “Keith that is an ARM.”

The humorous response went viral, with many people finding it funny and sharing it on social media.


Other people joined in on the joke, with some poking fun at Aldi and others proposing new ice cream designs.

Even Specsavers, a British optical retailer, chimed in by stating they didn’t see what Keith was referring to.

Specsavers Response to X-Rated Ice Cream


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