Alec Baldwin Fatally Shoots Woman With A Prop Gun On Movie Set

A woman has died and a man has suffered injuries after actor Alec Baldwin fired a ‘prop gun’ on a film set in New Mexico.

Officers in the US state said Mr Baldwin discharged the weapon while filming the 19th Century western Rust.

Halyna Hutchings, the victim was flown to hospital by helicopter but unfortunately died from her injuries. The man, director Joel Souza, is receiving emergency care.

A Mr Baldwin spokesperson told AP news agency the incident involved the misfiring of a prop gun with blanks.

Ms Hutchins, aged 42 was working as the director of photography. Mr Souza, 48, was taken to hospital by ambulance however his injuries haven’t been disclosed.

The investigation of the incident at Bonanza Creek Ranch, a popular filming location is still ongoing, and no charges have been filed.

A Santa Fe sheriff spokesman said in a statement to AFP news agency that Mr Baldwin had spoken to detectives.

“He came in voluntarily and he left the building after he finished his interviews,”

Ms Hutchins website states she was from Ukraine and grew up on a Soviet military base in the Arctic circle. She studied film in LA, journalism in Kyiv, and was titled a “rising star” by American Cinematographer mag in 2019.

Director Adam Egypt Mortimer who has previously worked with her said “I’m so sad about losing Halyna. And so infuriated that this could happen on a set,”.

Incidents such as this are extremely rare but not unheard of. Real firearms are used on set but blanks are used which create the flash and bang without discharging a projectile.

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