A new murder mystery TV series has been announced by Channel 4 and the production company behind it are on the hunt for keen armchair detectives to take part.

The show, called Murder Island, is likely to be a primetime series and will be filmed under strict Covid safety protocols at some point in May.

STV Studios, who’s producing the show, has said that they want to hear from ‘teams of two’ who consider themselves competent enough to solve a murder case with actual police resources at their disposal such as pathologists, forensic scientists and psychologists.

The successful teams will be pitted against each other and will be tasked with being the first to identify a suspect and bring them to justice.

The application website states that teams should be made up of close friends, colleagues, couples, or family members

To complete an application, you’ll also need to send in photos and a joint video, but be quick the deadline is Sunday 28th March 2021.


Finally, all that time spent binging on gruesome true crime documentaries will, at last, come to good use!

So, if you think you’ve got what it takes to solve a murder mystery and don’t mind being on the telly, click here to apply on the STV Studios website.

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