A collection of storybook-inspired children's beds designed to look like books, enhancing the magic of reading and sleep.

Bedtime Stories: Bringing the Joy of Reading to Kids’ Bedroom Design

For little bookworms and dreamers alike, these creatively designed beds turn every bedtime into a chapter from their favourite stories. This collection showcases four wonderfully imaginative book-themed beds that promise to nurture a love for reading and provide a cozy refuge for the night’s rest.

A children's bed designed to look like an open book with a shelf of books as the base in a reading-themed bedroom.

The Open Book Bed
The first bed resembles an open book, with its pages spread out as a comforting headboard and a matching footboard. This design invites children to literally tuck themselves into the story, surrounded by their favourite tales lined up along the bed’s edge.

A child's bed with a headboard and footboard designed to resemble the colourful spine of a book in a cheerful bedroom.

The Rainbow Pages Bed
Vivid and vibrant, this bed’s headboard and footboard mimic the colourful spine of a book, creating an arc of adventure and dreams. The playful array of colours not only adds a bright pop to the room but also symbolises the diverse worlds that books can unlock.

A large bed styled to mimic an open giant tome, complete with printed pages and a classic headboard in a literary-themed room.

The Giant Tome Bed
Taking a classic approach, this bed is designed like a giant tome, with an elaborate cover that serves as a headboard and pages full of stories for the base. It’s a grand statement piece that speaks to the timeless appeal of a good old-fashioned page-turner.

A snug bed designed like a storybook niche with a detailed bookshelf headboard in a warmly lit, book-filled room

The Storybook Niche Bed
This cozy nook is enveloped by pages from a storybook, with an ornate, bookshelf-like headboard. It creates an intimate space for children to curl up with their favourite reads, providing comfort and sparking imagination as they drift off to sleep.


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