British Bus Driver Stops to Give Loose Sheep a Lift on Her First Day on the Job

British Bus Driver Stops to Give Loose Sheep a Lift on Her First Day on the Job as a Rail Replacement bus driver.

On Sunday, March 3, a sheep running loose on the A27 highway was given a lift back to its owner by a British bus driver as she stops to give the Loose Sheep a lift on her first day on the Job as a Rail Replacement driver. Martine Patey, a driver for Brighton & Hove Buses, was on her way to Eastbourne for her first Rail Replacement bus duty when she spotted the loose animal.

Patey quickly pulled over and joined other drivers attempting to capture the sheep. “The sheep was running all over the road,” Patey said in a statement. “It was difficult to catch, but then it slipped just in front of me and I was able to get hold of it and to use my handbag strap like a lasso. Two other motorists had stopped to help, and together we were able to hold onto it until the police arrived.”


Once the police arrived, they asked Patey to give the sheep a ride to a local farm. However, the farmer arrived with his truck to take custody of the sheep before they could leave. Patey then continued on to Eastbourne and was only one minute late for the start of her service.

Brighton & Hove Buses praised Patey’s actions, saying, “We are so proud of Martine, who showed quick thinking and kindness in helping the animal and keeping her passengers safe. It’s not every day a bus driver gets to add sheep herder to their job description!”


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