Miles Routhledge, a 22-year-old British student is stuck in Kabul after going to Afghanistan on Holiday last week. He posted on Facebook that He’s ‘in a bit of a pickle’ having been abandoned by the British Embassy on returning home. Two days into his trip, the Taliban had marched into the Capital, and flights out of the city had been cancelled. 

In an interview with Spectator “I was under the impression that the country wouldn’t fall for another month, so I thought it was going to be fine.”

“I’d seen videos on YouTube of people going, I thought maybe the worst case would be food poisoning.”

However, not in Miles’ worst case scenario did he think he would find himself stuck in Kabul after Afghan Military had fled the City and that the Taliban had taken over.

His faith has kept him strong throughout this time.

“I was fully prepared for death, I accepted it… This trip has been a test for God. I’m very religious so I believe I’ll be looked after. Before I left, I wrote a letter to my friends saying that if I died, not to feel guilty, that I would die happy and religious and proud.”

He documented his trip on streaming platforms such as Twitch and 4chan and has met with overwhelming support from the community after fans started to research regional Taliban activity warning Miles about the situation unfolding. He had previously posted a picture of his American Express card showing his credentials as ‘Lord Miles ‘after a £15 joke purchase 2 years ago. He hopes that the title will grant him favours with officials there. 

Miles still hopes to reach a commercial flight back to the UK in the coming days with support from the British government. Nothing planned on holiday ever goes right do they? An unforgettable experience, nevertheless. 

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