Some may think it’s a little early to be talking chocolate egg’s but you’ll want to hear this Cadbury’s Creme Egg promo.

They were taken off the shelves for some time and are now back with a bang. If you have a bit of sweet tooth and already picked one up then you may have noticed this treat could be worth BIG money. That’s if you’re lucky enough to find one of the 146 rare eggs hidden by Cadbury’s.

These special creme eggs are half white and half milk chocolate with the infamous classic filling.

Unfortunately, only six of the 146 eggs are worth £10,000. If you’re feeling lucky, they can be found in Morrisons, Asda, Co-op, Tesco and Sainsbury’s.

Three £5,000 eggs can be found in One Stop, Booker and Waitrose, four eggs worth £1,000 are hidden in Iceland and Boots, and 12 with £500 are in Poundland stores in the UK.

These eggs are a part of Cadbury’s ‘How Do You Not Eat Yours’ competition.

All the other eggs will fetch you £50 each.

On the outside, they don’t look any different so those looking to outsmart the system, they’re one step ahead of you. You’ll need to purchase and open them to see if you’ve gotten lucky.

If you do, it’s not difficult to claim your winnings. Refrain from eating it, call the number on the tin foil wrapper and register your win.

During this call, you’ll need to answer a series of questions to confirm your win. These may include, which store you purchased the egg from, the code on the wrapper, location and date of purchase. You may even have to send a photo of the uneaten egg to prove you haven’t ‘eaten your winning egg’ so seriously, don’t even take a nibble!.

This competition will run until March 17th, you can find hints as to where the creme eggs are located on Cadbury’s website here.

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