When you think of a cat burglar you don’t think of an actual cat that steals people’s possessions. However, this cheeky cat is just that, he has stolen glasses, toys, cutlery and even toy skateboards!

His name is Charlie but his neighbours call him “Klepto Cat”. Charlie’s owner 41-year-old Alice Bigge spends her spare time trying to reunite his stolen goods with their rightful owners.

She has even gone as far as creating a shelf on her wall where she puts all the items the cat has brought home.

The sign reads, ”Our cat Charlie likes taking things, do any of these things belong to you? If they do please help yourself!”

Alice was first alerted to her cat’s tomfoolery when she woke up one morning and came face to face with a diplodocus toy on her pillow.

The A-Level film teacher at St Brendan’s sixth form college in Brislington shared, “He’s well into clothes pegs at the moment. He brought back a rubber duck recently, which was quite large and I have no idea how he managed that—and got it through the cat flap. He went through a phase of coming back with those little mini-skateboards too.”

“He wasn’t allowed out for three months or so. But it was almost as soon as he was allowed out that he began bringing things back. Over the course of a week or so, loads of toy dinosaurs kept appearing in the house which was really weird. I saw a green stegosaurus one day and wondered if one of my mate’s kids might have dropped it here.”

”The following day, I saw a red stegosaurus, and they just kept coming!”

“I woke up with a diplodocus right next to my head on my pillow—which made me think of that moment from The Godfather. Charlie just sat there looking proud of himself.”

Alice claims she has also seen him stealing toy dinosaurs from the kid’s nursery at the bottom of her road.

She shared, “It turned out he’d been going there and picking them all up and bringing them back here one by one.

”He has never caught a bird or a mouse or anything like other cats do… he just goes off and finds whatever he can.”

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