Corgi Can’t Understand What’s Wrong With His Favourite Cuddle Position 

Graffiti is certainly a lover of cuddles, but you have to submit to his terms. When he swiftly decides you’re his friend, he’ll jump up and cuddle you on the sofa but his cuddling technique is not quite what you’d expect.

His family have nicknamed his technique the “suffo-snuggle.” This is reserved for those Graffiti really likes, he’ll climb up on top of their face and curl up around their face and mouth where they may find it difficult to breathe.

After a little while, they will get him down and encourage him to snuggle the ‘normal way’, but Graffiti doesn’t get why his favourite position isn’t the ‘normal way’.

Graffiti’s mom said: “He has been suffo-snuggling ever since we can remember, but it has increased in duration and frequency over the last few years. He will stay there as long as you let him, and you usually have to lift him up and set him down next to you to get him off.”

He just wants to be as close as possible to the people he loves and I guess you can’t get much closer than lying on their face.

“He does it every day to his poppa, usually in the mornings and before bedtime. But sometimes when he wants attention or is feeling extra cuddly, he’ll come up to you and make a weird ‘snook’ noise, which either means he has to go to the bathroom or he wants to cuddle.” said Graffiti’s mom.

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