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Adam and Liz Thwaite are raffling off their three-bedroom home as a prize for just £1 per ticket! They want to raise enough money to fund the wheelchair-accessible facility at Grace House in Sunderland.

The aim is to donate £50,000 to the Grace House Charity where Liz works if they manage to sell all 200,000 tickets before 24th December.

Based in Southwick, Grace House helps to support children with additional needs across the North East as well as their families.

The winner is set to be announced on Christmas Eve, with entries costing a mere £1.

Adam works at an Alexander Battery Technologies firm in Peterlee, has said the fundraiser word has spread fast.

“A lot of people we know at Grace House who’ve been sharing our story and telling their friends about it,” he said.

“It started with me spotting other families who’d raffled their houses and moved out to Australia and places like that. I became interested in the idea and started following what they were doing.

“Then, after speaking with Liz about the swing and how difficult it’s been to raise money during the pandemic, I said to her, ‘Why don’t we have a go at this?’”

So far the ticket sales have soared over 3,000 tickets on Monday 15th Nov taking the overall sales over the 10,000 mark.

Adam has created some incredible marketing videos to help spread the news:

Laura Forbes, Grace House’s corporate fundraiser commented: “This is an incredibly generous way to support a charity and we are delighted Adam and Liz chose Grace House.

“The family are all working so hard to sell the tickets and are determined to raise as much for us as possible. If you can share their story to help raise awareness it would be appreciated!”

Can you think of a better Christmas present to give your family?

Click me to enter and help raise money for Grace House

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