VIDEO: ‘Dancing Bear’ Scratching An Itch On A Signpost

I think it’s safe to say scratching a hard to reach itch is one of the most satisfying things. This dancing bear scratching his back must be loving his life.

An underrated pleasure some would say but this bear is out there reminding everyone of the simple pleasures in life should never be overlooked.

The video was posted by Earth Focus on Instagram late last month and has since gone viral racking up over 2 million likes.

The person who recorded the video is most likely in a moving car driving through an area of wilderness or a protected area of forest.

As they are driving past they spotted the bear who seems to be pole dancing but in reality is just scratching his back. Luckily for us, they look the same and watching this has brightened up our Monday and we hope it does the same for you.

The caption reads “Bear scratching his itch just right, and oh boy is he enjoying it!”


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Some of the comments read:

“It’s just the bear necessity,”

“Me in the shower when the beat drops,”

“The Jungle Book!”

One thing is for certain, this dancing bear can boogie much better than me! How about you?

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