The online takeaway app Deliveroo doubles its orders in the first six months of the year, despite lockdown restrictions easing. Customers are still turning towards takeaway deliveries over restaurant dining. A record of 148.8 million orders was reported between January and June – more than twice as many as last year’s 74.5 million. During the coronavirus pandemic, demand for food delivery services has accelerated due to the closure of restaurants and cafes resulting in online ordering.

Deliveroo’s consumer base reached an average of 7.8 million monthly active customers (a commonly used metric for apps and social media) more than doubled its last year’s figure of 3.7 million.

Will Shu, the founder, and chief executive of Deliveroo, said consumer behaviour “may moderate later in the year” but the company remained “excited about the opportunity ahead”.

Deliveroo however faces fierce competition from on-demand grocery deliveries such as Getir and Weezy. Deliveroo has an estimated 1,800 grocery sites with major partners in the UK and more than 4,600 grocery sites in total when also including smaller independent partners.

“We have widened our consumer base, seen people continuing to order frequently and we now work with more food merchants than any other platform in the UK,” Shu said. At the same time, more riders are choosing to continue to work with the company because they value the work we offer.”

For the first half of the year, Deliveroo’s revenue grew to £922.5m, up by 82% in the same month last year, after the company more than doubled the value of its gross transactions to almost £3.4bn across its international business.

It’s also reported that earlier this week, Deliveroo shares reached their highest level since the firm went public in the stock market in March rising as much as 10% to 360p in early trading on Monday after disclosing German rival service Delivery Hero had taken a 5% stake.

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