On average someone calls the RSPCA every 30 seconds for help regarding an abused or neglected animal! That’s a devastating statistic that’s sadly mirrored all over the world and this is a story all about a dog who suffered the worst of humanity when his owners brutally buried him alive.

On a rainy evening in northern Russia, Olga Listseva was driving along a highway when she spotted a sad-looking pooch walking slowly against the elements on the side of the road.

At first Olga, 39, carried on her journey, but couldn’t shake the idea of the poor little guy out in the deluge all alone, so she turned around to save the pooch.

Little did Olga know at the time, but it would come to be one of the best decisions she ever made.

As she pulled up beside the dog, Olga could see the tiredness and hopelessness in his eyes.

Wet and exhausted, she opened the door to the back seat of her car and offered him some food. Once he was settled, she and her new buddy made their way to dog rescue, Kind City, 90km away.

In a bid to reunite the animal, with what Kind City assumed to be, his frantic owners, the rescue team shared his photos on the Internet and soon discovered that he was from a small town called Emva.

Eventually, they made contact with his owners, who said that the dog was ‘unhealthy’, so they ‘dumped it’!!

But that’s not all…

…the dog’s owners admitted to the rescue team that they had injected him with a lethal drug to try and kill him and then set about burying him in a remote location near the Ukhta-Siktifkar Highway.

Kiryu’s despicable owners weren’t successful and buried the poor animal alive!

But in a true act of courage and determination, the seven-year-old German Shepherd miraculously dug himself out and set about finding himself some help.

A rescue team member, Ekaterina Nimac, said, ‘Thanks to Olga, Kiryu has started a new life. At the shelter, he is very calm.”

According to a local TV station, Kiryu has been rescued by a loving family who we hope will give him all the care and attention he deserves for the rest of his days.

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