Dog Escapes Home To Later Return With A Ribbon From A Dog Show

This family from England were left flabbergasted when their dog escaped only to return later with a ribbon from a local dog show.

Owners Peter and Paula Closier were worried sick when their beloved five-year-old beagle-mix vanished on Sunday morning. 

Soon after finding out, they called the police who sent the dog warden, they looked all over their West Sussex house and even their neighbours join the search for little Bonnie. 

When Peter noticed that the gate was open wide he thought ‘oh no’.

Little to their knowledge John Wilmer spotted Bonnie by the side of the road while heading towards a dog show in Surrey where he was entering his own two dogs. 

Shortly after, the family were elated after Paula spotted a Facebook post by John hoping to reunite Bonnie with her owners. 

John thought on his feet and decided to enter Bonnie into a competition, thinking to himself “I might as well enter her into the ‘best rescue dog’ category”.

And she won a third place ribbon!

Peter said, “we couldn’t believe it, you could not make it up.”

When she was merely one year old the couple rescued Bonnie from the harsh streets of Crete, in Greece but entering her into any competitions never crossed their minds. 

“We never pursued it with Bonnie, but we should now.”

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