Dog waits for human

Dog Waits For Human To Come Home From School

The phrase “we don’t deserve dogs” is one that you’ve said if not heard multiple times and this clip showing how a dog waits for his human is exactly why. A young doggo eagerly awaiting its human to return from school which was posted by Twitter user @hopkinsBRFC21 has gone viral accumulating thousands of views so far.

In the clip, you can see a young pup waiting so patiently for its best friend to hop off the bus. You can see the excitement growing inside him as he first sees him step of the bus; wagging his tail frantically.

The caption of the Tweet reads “This is just pure love,” and we couldn’t agree more.

Watch the video below:

As you can imagine the more people that started to see this wholesome clip more users started to share their feelings upon watching it.

You can see them below:

How can you not smile at this?! If there’s anything that can brighten your day after a bad day at school it’s coming home to this happy lil pupper.

We hope watching this dog waits for his human helped to brighten your day.

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