A new dating app created to connect people based on their health and fitness preferences has launched in the UK.

The app, named Fitafy, went viral over the weekend for its guerrilla marketing stunt, which saw a scorned girlfriend out her ‘cheating’ boyfriend in a very public way.

However, not all was as it seemed. When people cyber-stalked the tagged ‘cheating’ boyfriend (Josh), they were directed to a landing page on the Fitafy website that explained the story of #LucysRevenge in more detail. As it turned out, Josh wasn’t having a sordid affair with another person, according to Lucy’s expose he was instead cheating on her with food, drink and alcohol.

On the website Lucy explained, “He IS a cheat, but he wasn’t sleeping around. He simply wasted a year and a half of my life pretending to be someone he’s not. We were planning a future, yet he knew he was a fake – making out he was as committed to a healthy and active lifestyle as me, when in fact all he wanted to do was down 10 pints of lager and a tray of Jager’s at the weekend, stuff his face with KFC, Dominos and McDonalds for dinner and binge watch Netflix until his eyes bled. I feel humiliated, deceived and stupid for wasting precious time with someone I thought shared the same values as me. So, my message to everyone is, be real, be honest and live your life to the full with genuine people. If like me you want to invest your time and energy into finding matches that are compatible from the ‘get go’, download the Fitafy app.

The stunt has got Fitafy off to a flying start in the UK and as a result, the new app has reached in excess of 1million people on social media during the bank holiday weekend.

One Facebook user commented, “I’m so glad that social media wasn’t about in the nineties I would have had a permanent advertising board dedicated to me.”

Fitafy’s founder & CO-CEO, Cem Miral, hopes that the dating app will plug the gap in the market and help singles who’re into health, fitness and wellbeing to connect and cut through the noise of online dating to find a partner who shares a similar lifestyle and values to them – something which Fitafy believes is more important to people than ever in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cem said, “This year has been tough. We’ve all experienced months of isolation and fear due to the pandemic. But now that the world is opening back up, we know that more people than ever are taking their health, wellbeing and fitness seriously and if they’re single, they’ll be looking to ‘find their fit’ in people who share the same values.”

Stephen Mansfield, CO-CEO and founder added,“That’s why we created #LucysRevenge to launch our app in the UK – to drive brand awareness but also to let people know that there’s a new way to cut through the catfishers and pretenders and find matches that are compatible from the get go.”

Fitafy functions in a similar format to common dating apps where users swipe right for ‘yes’ and left for ‘no’. Once both users’ swipe ‘yes’ they are notified of a match, and they can connect through messages. Users can also filter by individual preferences, such as running, cross-fit and weights training, as well as nutrition preferences.

Designed to be inclusive of all genders, sexualities and abilities, Fitafy users have to be at least 18 years old to download and access the app.

Fitafy is and always will be free to match and message and is now available for download in the App Store and on Google Play. New users who download the app before 6.9.21 will automatically receive FREE lifetime premium membership.


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