Jetson CTO has completed the ‘first-ever’ commute in a flying car with a price tag of £68,000 ($83,000).

Co-found of the Swedish firm Jetson, Tomasz Patan piloted the vehicle from his home in Italy to a company building in Tuscany.

The trip to the Santa Maria a Monte facility is a “momentous occasion for the electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) sector.” said Jetson.

The electric aircraft has a flight time of 20 minutes, is powered by 8 motors and can reach an impressive 63mph (102kph).

This space-age vehicle is made from race-car-inspired lightweight aluminium and Carbon-kevlar composite body.

Tomasz Patan, co-founder and CTO shared, “Our long-term goal is to democratize flight. We firmly believe the ‘eVTOL’ is the future for mass transportation. We are committed to making this a reality,”.

The aircraft runs on a high discharge lithium-ion battery and can carry a pilot’s weight of up to 100kg (210lbs).

President and co-founder, Peter Ternstrom shared, “The Jetson is built like a Formula One car for the sky and incredibly fun to fly. Most importantly, the Flight Stabilisation System we developed makes flight super easy. We can make anyone a pilot in less than five minutes,”.

Jetson has called their prototype “proof of concept” which was finished back in spring 2018, and since then they’ve been working on a “customer-friendly”  version.

Adding to the quote they said, “The entire 2022 production is sold out, but we are accepting orders for 2023 delivery.”.

Would you ever purchase a flying car?

You can watch the commute below:

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