Kieran Trippier Strips

‘Strippier’: Watch Funny Video Of Kieran Trippier Stripping

England’s Kieran Trippier strips for Andorra players. Trippier has posted a hilarious video of himself stripping down to just his underwear and boots after his World Cup Qualifier at Wembley on Sunday.

Trippier played left back for England, and after the 4-0 win, a video emerged of Trippier shaking hands with the Andorra players in the tunnel.

In the video, the 30 year old Kieran Trippier strips off his shorts and is seen giving them to one of the opposite players, because apparently he asked him for them as a piece of memorabilia.

The England player then shared the video on social media with the caption:

“I was running out of things to give away!”

The video sparked some great reactions from Trippier fans and followers, but by far, the best has to be from a quick-witted fan dubbing him ‘Kieran Strippier’.

The Andorra defender who recieved the shorts from Trippier, Marc Vales, also made a comment on the shortless Strippier saying:

“Thanks for the change. It’s a dream for us to play a game against you”.

We’ve all seen players swapping shirts with the other team after a match, but now Trippier, by lowering his shorts, has raised the bar. But one which we doubt we’ll see many other players following on with. It looks like you’re on your own there Trippier lol.


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