Fans of Monopoly will be treated to the ultimate gaming experience this summer as a life-sized version is set to open in London in August.

The immersive experience will see Monopoly enthusiasts enjoy 75 minutes of play on a giant 15m x 15m 4D board; complete with all the games’ classic elements as well as some new additions.

Players will be able to choose from four different boards: Classic, Vault, City and Junior (for kids) and from what we can tell, with the games new additions, the life-sized version seems to have turned into a hybrid of the old classic combined with Taskmaster and Crystal Maze.

Brought to life by Hasbro and theatre group Gamepath, the immersive experience will see players move around the board as in the original game, but they’ll also face challenges in full-sized location-specific rooms in order to acquire property.

Speaking about the new attraction, the organisers said, “The challenges will be a mixture of physical and mental puzzles and games that will test players’ skills and lateral thinking, and will be themed appropriately for the square, featuring either some historical or current day relationship with that part of London.”

Located at a new venue on Tottenham Court Road, the 22,000 sq ft facility will also include a Hasbro merch shop as well as a Monopoly-themed bar and restaurant.

David Hutchinson, CEO of Gamepath said, “For us, MONOPOLY LIFESIZED represents a major entry into a growing and exciting marketplace. Audiences want to consume live performance differently, and what better way than to jump into a life-sized version of the world’s favourite board game?

“Our creative team has been working their magic to fuse an experience that puts our audiences centre place on the board, and brings together our theatrical roots with innovative, digital and immersive storytelling.

I don’t know about you, but this is right up my street. Find out more and buy your tickets here.

Baggsy gets the Scotty.


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