Herd Of Wild Horses Love To Steal Snacks On The Beach

Roaming wild horses are a frequent sighting on Assateague Island in Maryland and everyone are pretty much used to them now, with the locals anyways. Tourists on the other hand, not so much, so they easily sneak up and steal their snacks.

One day David Whitney was chilling in the sun on the beach when he noticed a herd of horses sauntered onto the beach. This wasn’t the first time he’d seen them on the island but it was the first time he’d seen the mon the beach.

He said, “We (along with most other people) noticed a fairly large group (about five to six in size) of horses go onto the beach after the lifeguards left,”.

It looked like the horses knew they weren’t allowed to be there but waited until the perfect time to seize the opportunity. Most people knew to stay away and watch from afar but those who left their items unattended were in trouble.

As soon as the herd spotted some unattended items they wasted no time ransacking everything on the hunt for some snacks. People noticed their stuff being chowed down by the herd but by then it was too late, they were hungry and were not leaving empty-handed.

Everyone else found it comical, laughing at the cute pickpocket horses dragging entire coolers down the beach with them.

“At first we just thought the situation was cute and funny, the horses weren’t being very destructive and were just going through people’s stuff. However, as they went down the beach, they became more forceful and aggressive, with the horses busting open coolers … Nobody got hurt, so things remained largely entertaining, but it was a good reminder to people that these horses are still wild.” said David.

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