This hero cat saved its owner’s life when he started pounding his paw on her chest to wake her after she suffered a heart attack.

Sam Felstead was woken by her seven-year-old cat Billy at 4:30am one morning.

She soon realised she was unable to move at all and had severe shooting pain down her right side so she shouted for Karen, her mother, for help.

Karen rushed the 42-year-old to the closest hospital where doctors said she had suffered from a heart attack in her sleep and she thinks Billy’s actions saved her life.

“I was a bit shocked, I went to bed and I felt fine. I’d even been out with the dogs—and I didn’t feel ill or have any pains whatsoever.

“Suddenly I woke up and Billy was on my chest and was meowing loudly in my ear hole.

“He was really meowing and he wouldn’t leave me. He doesn’t do that normally. He’s never woken me up before.

“He’s not a lap cat… and he’s certainly not a cat that wants to be on your knee all the time. He likes to be alone.”

Karen, Billy’s favourite human was also rather surprised.

“I’m just glad he woke me up. Who knows…it could’ve been worse for me.”

One of Sam’s arteries was blocked an doctors used a balloon to open it again. She spent three days in hospital being monitored before being discharged and getting to see her lifesaver, Billy, the British short-hair.

“I’m grateful for him as my alarm was set for another two hours so who knows if I would have woken up.

“The doctors said it was a good job I got to hospital in time.

“I do think he saved my life and so does everybody else around me.”

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