Hero Passerby Saves Young Mom and Son From House Fire

A random passerby has been labelled a hero after risking his own life to rescue a family from Jamestown, Wyoming from a house fire early Tuesday morning.

The mother aged 34 and her four young children, aged 12, 8, 6, and 4 were all asleep when the fire started.

Hero Ryan Pasborg was running late for work and as he was travelling through his home town Green River he smelled smoke and saw the blaze coming from a bedroom window.

He didn’t see any emergency lights the 32-year-old pulled up in the driveway and saw a young boy and two girls leaving the home. They told him that their mother and their 4-year-old brother were still trapped inside. Without a moment’s hesitation, he entered the house through the garage and continued into the kitchen.

When speaking with authorities Pasborg said he couldn’t see and he crawled on his hands and knees for several feet into the kitchen before he found the little boy. He immediately grabbed him and took him outside.

The temperature had a wind chill factor of -0 so he quickly put all the children in his truck to keep them warm before heading back into the home to search for the mother…

He found her, lying on the floor, badly burnt and struggling to breathe. He dragged her outside and noticed she was no longer responsive and not breathing so he began to administer CPR. She suddenly took a gasp of air.

Pasborg then drove the family away from the fire to the end of their driveway and awaited the arrival of emergency services.

Sheriff Deputy Jason Mower said:

“I think this is the first time in nearly 15 years of law enforcement that I’ve ever heard of a total stranger truly going above and beyond in a way and in a situation that many wouldn’t have dared to face,”

Sheriff John Grossnickle said:

“Not only is it a blessing in its own right that Mr. Pasborg was in the right place at the right time, but his willingness without second thought to risk his own life to help save this family was the difference between life and death for this young mother and her child; he gave them a fighting chance,”

“There are no words to adequately express the magnitude of Ryan’s bravery other than he is a perfect example of what it means to be a real hero. His actions speak volumes about the true content of his character, and people like Ryan are a testament to the overwhelming power and strength of community that we are so fortunate to share with one another as friends and neighbors here in Sweetwater County.”

As if his bravery wasn’t enough, Pasborg purchased several hundred dollars worth of clothing and necessities for the family and delivered them himself.

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