If you’re a child of the 80s, chances are you’d have sampled a few bottles of Hooch in your time…and are most likely still recovering from the hangover! But, I digress, it’s BACK people! And it’s in gin form!

Tipped to be the product of the year, Hooch has unveiled a three-piece spirit range that offers fans a brand new way to enjoy their classic favourite.

The collection includes two flavoured gins and one flavoured rum. Based on the classic Hooch alcopop flavours you know and love, these include Raspberry & Lemon Gin, Lemon Gin and Mango & Lime Rum. All coming in at 37.5% ABV, the fruity zing of Hooch Spirits is guaranteed to tempt taste buds this summer!

Raspberry & Lemon Gin from 05/05/21 for just £20, the Lemon Gin and Mango & Lime Rum will be available to pre-order now to be in your hands from 21/05/21.

News of Hooch’s hot new release has sent the internet into a spin, with nostalgic 30-year-olds scrambling to get their hands on some.

One Twitter dubbed the new gin product as, “the best combination ever of teenager and grown up drinks.”

Another said, “I’m finding this immediately.”

Get yours online at Good Time In.

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