How to Spot a Liar; Lawyer Shares Simple Way to Spot a Tall Tale

Sometimes it’s pretty obvious to spot a porky, but if you find yourself up against a seasoned liar, Lawyer, Michael Mandell has shared a simple way to help unearth the truth.

Having a sixth sense for spotting a lie is par for the course when you’re a lawyer and Mr Mandell, who’s specialism is personal injury, has offered up a super simple trick that will help stop people from pulling the wool over your eyes.


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In his video, Mandell explains that if you suspect someone of spinning you a line, you should ask them to run you through the story again.

He said, “Truthful people add facts and remember more details as they repeat their story. While liars usually memorise their story and keep it the same.

“One trick is to ask them to tell their story in reverse; it will make them think harder and more trying equals more lying.”

And that’s not the only way to identify a tall tale. Experts point to research that reveals one behavioural habit which gives away a lie.

The research indicates that when we tell a lie we’re more likely to mimic the behaviour and body language of the person we are conversing with. The psychology behind our behaviour is that lying makes our brains work harder and our thoughts are so concentrated on maintaining the lie that the control over our body language can often result in copying what we see.

Hmmmm interesting.

How do you spot a liar? Share your tips with us.

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