Innovative New Smart Beehives Receive $80 Million In Funding

Around the world, countries are banning pesticides and cultivating more pollination friendly flowers to help increase bee populations and adding new robotic beehives.

Beekeepers and farmers now have a method of protecting bee colonies imperative to growing crops using robotic hives that can protect them from all hazards. 

When you think of a beehive, an image of a white (Langstroth) box will spring to mind, designed 150 years ago. Many people will confuse them as being a bee’s natural habitat, this isn’t the case. 

A company called Beewise has completely redesigned the beehive addressing all the inefficiencies of the Langstroth box and has significantly improved been life span and well-being. 

Beewise’s autonomous beehive has recently had an $80 million funding boost to aid its bee saving mission.

The hives use 24/7 smart and monitoring technology to massively increase honey production and pollination capacity. The beehive aptly named the Beehome will detect threats to the colony like pests and pesticides and defend against them immediately.

As it is autonomous, the beehive requires no human intervention, the Beehomes are thermally regulated, provide food when local supply runs dry and provides protection from floods, fires and predators like Asian Wasps. 

The company shared in a statement, “Beehome reduces bee mortality by 80%, resulting in increased yields of at least 50%, while eliminating approximately 90% of manual labour when compared to traditional beehives.”

So far Beewise manages over 7 billion bees which is around 25,000 acres of pollinated crops and have saved over 160 million in the last 12 months. 

CEO of Beewise, Saar Safra, said, “We are deploying precision robotics in tandem with the world’s most innovative technologies, including AI and computer vision, to save the bees,”.

Check out how it works:

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