Not only will this LEGO hoover collect the pesky plastic bricks it will also sort them by size!

Inventor Matty Benedetto, who has a YouTube channel ‘Unnecessary Inventions’ does in fact live up to the claim, especially with this one.

This isn’t his first LEGO orientated invention, he’s created socks that allow you to walk on LEGO completely pain-free, some may think that’s enough but not Matty. He took it one step further creating a LEGO sorting hoover.

In the video, Matty says the inspiration for the idea came about after watching an episode of ‘The Office’ where David Wallace shares an idea of a hoover that ‘teaches kids to pick up their own toys’.

He starts off with a classic shop brought hoover and then 3D prints his own attachment that filters the bricks by size.

As if this wasn’t cool enough he used clear plastic so you can watch the sorting happen right in front of your own eyes.

At the end of the video, Matty gives a demonstration and to be fair to him, it does exactly what he said it would.

He turns to the camera and says: “I gotta say, I am thoroughly impressed with how well that works.”

His community commented on the video:

“LEGO should contact him to make this an actual sellable product.”

“To adults who want their Legos quickly sorted so they can get started on their new masterpiece of complexity.”

“I would honestly buy this. My son’s room is a landmine of Legos.”

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