Little Scottish Girl Takes First Steps After Doctors Said She’d Never Walk

Doctors said this little Scottish girl would spend her life in a wheelchair, she ignored them and took her first steps.

Sadly, Arabella has suffered from Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita (AMC) since birth. It affects bother her arms and legs and doctors in Scotland said there is nothing that could be done for her. Catherine, Arabella’s mom refused to take this answer and made it her mission to find someone who will help her little angel.

After researching on the internet she found orthopedist Dr David S. Fledman, who’s based in Florida and treats AMC with surgery. Without hesitation, she made an appointment with his team at the Paley European Insitute located in Warsaw, Poland.

“We all agreed she is a great candidate for surgery and can gain motion in her legs, which gave great hope to Arabella and her mom,” Dr Feldman said.

Catherine returned to Scotland to meet with NHS Lothian doctors, who said that the surgery wasn’t suitable for Arabella and there is nothing that can be done.

In March, Catherine took her own life.

William, Arabella’s father said: “They said ‘you need to be realistic and think about how you can improve Arabella’s life in a wheelchair’,” Arabella’s father, William, told STV.

“On hearing that, as any mother, it dashed Cat’s hopes so much… Two months later, she took her own life on March 16.”

Ever since that fateful day, William has made it his mission to help his daughter walk. He set up a crowdfunding page to help raise £125,000 for the life-changing surgery, which was reduced to £50,000 after Dr Feldman heard the family’s story.

Arabella arrived in October 2021 and stayed there over Christmas receiving 12 weeks of intensive physiotherapy and rehabilitation to help her build muscles and learn to walk.

She is set to return to Warsaw in February 2022 for a second operation and another 6 weeks of physio.

William showed his appreciation saying:

“I thank everyone who has supported and donated to help my daughter. She has defied all odds and deserves a medal for the pain she’s endured,”

“Thank you for everything you have done for my daughter, you are a miracle man. You have changed my daughter’s life forever. You have proved the doctors in Scotland wrong, I know her mum will be looking down so proud of you and her daughter, I just wish she was still alive to share this experience. You are my hero.”

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