Little Yorkshire Terrier Detects Breast Cancer in Woman

A tiny Yorkshire Terrier saved her owner’s life by jumping up and down on her chest bringing the cancerous lump to her attention.

Dog Bella Boo is eleven-years-old and wouldn’t settle in her normal sleeping spot. Instead, she kept trying to lie across Karena-Drain’s chest even after being told not to multiple times.

Bella’s behaviour went on for weeks and she started to weep, leaving Karena concerned about her health. But she was baffled after taking her to the vets and being told she was fit and healthy.

Karena described it as “a heart-breaking cry” and began to think Bella was “obviously trying to tell me something.”

She then continued to hop and lick the 53-year-old’s chest.

Karena said, “Bella started bouncing on me, and at one point I actually thought she’d bruised me, as I was very sore there.”

“And I was feeling around, and I actually felt a lump, and I was thinking, ‘Is that a lump inside?’”

After visiting the doctors they confirmed it was breast cancer.

Karena from Blackpool, Lancashire in the UK had life-saving treatment and believes the disease would have gone undetected if it wasn’t for Bella-Boo’s actions.

“I didn’t think dogs could detect cancer, I thought it was a lot of hoo-ha really, but this proves that they can.”

“I’m just so lucky to be here; little Bella-Boo saved my life.”

“Bella always slept on the back of my legs, but she kept lying on my chest. Every time I took her off me, she’d crawl back on again.”

The doctor broke the news that cancer had spread to her lymph nodes and Karena believes this is why her dog was becoming more determined to alert her.

After the operation was over and she was healed, she travelled the world knowing how lucky she was to have caught the cancer early.

“I didn’t believe in that type of thing. I didn’t believe that dogs could detect cancer.”

“Once I got the cancer removed, she stopped straight away, and she started lying behind my legs again.”

“Maybe if people see their dog start acting strange, they’ll be able to think twice.”

“People underestimate dogs and cats and all animals. But they are amazing creatures.”

Karena now urges people to really pay attention to their animal’s strange behaviours as they could save your life too.

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