Make Your Christmas Shopping Easier With These Top Toys

While Christmas is seen as a time to relax and unwind after a year of hard work, however, it seems the older we get the more stress Christmas brings. Don’t take this as us being ‘a mean one Mr Grinch’, we love spending time with the family watching the little ones light up as they open presents.

For the unorganised, it’s a dreaded time of year; the Christmas Eve shopping spree, realising you’ve forgotten someone and as you sit down to wrap presents for those you haven’t forgotten, you find out you’ve got no wrapping paper. It’s quite the dilemma.

But if you have kids organisation is a must or, you WILL go insane. Especially when they request a toy so rare that getting your hands on it is comparable to sneaking into Fort Knox, and that’s to just get on the waiting list.

We know how stressful Christmas can be so we want to lend you a helping hand by giving you a list of the top 20 hottest toys of the year. This means they’re liked and approved by kids all over the world so yours is likely hoping for one at least.

Top 20 Christmas Toys

#1 Crystal Growing Experiment Kit

#2 Magna-Tiles, Magnetic Building Tiles

#3 Explorer Kit for Kids

#4 Thinkfun Gravity Maze

#5 Artie Max

#6 Catan

#7 Mindfulness Therapy Card Game

#8 Rubik’s Connected Cube

#9 Earth Science Kit

#10 Little Live Pets Gotta Go Flamingo

#11 Pictionary Air 

#12 Play-Doh Rising Cake Oven


#13 Akedo Ultimate Battle Arena 

#14 Hot Wheels City Ultimate Garage

#15 Glowing Marble Run


#16 Mechanical Coding Robot

#17 Ravensburger Solar System 3D Puzzle Set 

#18 Playshifu Orboot – Earth: The Educational AR Globe

#19 Batman Bat-Tech Batcave 

#20 Yeti In My Spaghetti

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